Partner 40: GIS PROGEBIO

The GIS PROGEBIO (Group of Scientific Interest in PROcess enGinEering applied to BIOresouces) is a scientific consortium gathering several laboratories of French Universities (South Brittany, Nantes and Rennes 1), governmental research institutions (CNRS, IFREMER, INRA), and Schools of Engineering (ENITIAA, Ecole des Mines de Nantes). It aims to structure research in agri-food and biochemical engineering and to develop technology transfer. It also acts as councellor to the Research Departments of Regions Bretagne and Pays de la Loire. PROGEBIO has two laboratories involved in SEAFOODPlus: the LET2E University of South Brittany, Pr. Patrick  Bourseau and the GEPEA/ISOMer-UMR CNRS 6144  University of Nantes, Pr. Pascal Jaouen. LET2E is involved in research in treatment and valorisation of agri-food industries wastes by catalytic and membrane processes, and in the optimisation of energetic systems. The GEPEA groups several research teams of the Nantes - Saint-Nazaire metropole in one of the major French center in Process Engineering. Its activities are oriented towards environmental and agri-food engineering and valorisation of seafood products. Patrick Bourseau and Pascal Jaouen are working together for three years within PROGEBIO on the recovery of valuable compounds such as aromas, proteins or peptides in seafood processing industries effluents by membrane technologies (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, electrodialysis). They work closely with seafood and food ingredients SME on process development and products evaluation by chromatography techniques and sensory analysis. Fundamental aspects of their works concern mass tranfer phenomena (adsorption on membranes, hydrodynamics in the modules, mass transfer through the membranes). The GIS PROGEBIO groups approximately 85 persons and its budget can be estimated at 540 k, of which 360 k is governmental funding and 180 k is external funding.


Key persons

Prof. Patrick Bourseau (project 4.1 PROPEPHEALTH)

Prof Pascal Jaouen (project 4.1 PROPEPHEALTH).