Partner 42: Academic Medical Center (AMCA)

 AMCA combines the Medical School of the University of Amsterdam and the Academic Hospital in a single organisation. This leads to an intimate cooperation between clinical and basic sciences. The AMCA houses several Research Institutes. One of these research institutes is the Cardiovascular Research Institute Amsterdam (CRIA), which consists of a conglomerate of experimental laboratories and clinical departments.  The department of experimental cardiology is part of CRIA and has a long standing tradition in integrative research related to life threatening arrhythmias and the mechanisms of sudden cardiac death. Expertise ranges from genomics and genetic to integrative physiology. The department is experienced in data acquisition and analysis of up to 256 simultaneously recorded electrograms. For SEAFOODplus AMCA participates in chronic feeding experiments.


Key person

Dr. Ruben Coronel (Project 1.3 METAHEART).