Partner 45: Matforsk AS – The Norwegian Food Research Institute (MATFORSK)

 Matforsk was established in 1970, and is located at Ås, Norway. Matforsk is financed by a research levy from the industry, public funding and contract work, and is owned by the Agricultural Food Research Foundation, which is an independent, non-profit making organisation. Matforsk is engaged in food research and development at a high international level, and is a leading research centre in the understanding of food quality. Our mission is to actively contribute to increased competitiveness in the food industry. Our clients are mainly food enterprises, both large companies and SMEs. The institute has 150 employees with a broad spectrum of scientific knowledge. Matforsk strongly focuses its research and development activities in order to be internationally competitive, and has binding commitments with other research institutions. Matforsk also has an extensive collaborative network of international research establishments, and has a portfolio of research projects world-wide. The core knowledge offered to our customers is closely related to Matforsk’s focus areas, which are (1) Contribution to market-oriented product development, (2) Interaction between components and ingredients, (3) Rapid analysis close to the process, and (4) Food safety and prolonged shelf-life. Based on these four areas, Matforsk’s research plan consists of ten basic research projects, which form the basis of our research activity. For the SEAFOODplus project the Department of analytical method will be most strongly involved, in particular expertise related to data analysis and modelling.


Key person

Prof. Tormod Næs (Project 4.3 LIPIDTEXT).