Partner 51: AquaNet, University of British Columbia (AQUANET)

The Canadian  AquaNet is a network of  Centres of Excellence in Aquaculture, with Professor Robert Scott McKinley, PhD, (University of British Columbia) as scientific director. The main objectives of AquaNet are to position the Canadian aquaculture industry for the future by increasing the efficiency of aquaculture production through species diversification, biotechnology, and environmental sustainability. Based on these objectives the network will endeavour scientific research and transfer of knowledge between the academic community and the aquaculture industry. The research program in AquaNet covers projects in animal production, socio-economical aspects and environmental integrity, with an annual research expenditure (2001) of 1.6 mill EURO. In addition to Canadian participants, AquaNet includes some corresponding international research groups, and in 2003 an agreement of co-operation was signed between AquaNet and the Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NIFA). The importance of AquaNet as an international partner in SEAFOODplus will in general be co-operation and the possibility to exchange ideas and personnel, specifically in the areas of nutrition and husbandry of pillar 5. Such co-operation between AquaNet and SEAFOODplus will be of mutual benefit, without competitive disadvantages or research overlap. More specifically, the research group of Prof. McKinley will cooperate in developing non-invasive tag technology to measure quality parameters of live fish in full scale rearing facilities, in order to study the effects of husbandry and aquaculture systems on seafood quality traits.


Key person

Prof. Robert Scott McKinley (project 5.2 ETHIQUAL).