Partner 52: Double Delta Kereskedelmi Termelő és Kutatásfejlesztési Betéti Társaság (DD)

Double Delta R&D Ltd ( DD). is a research and development SME providing research and consultancy services in the fields of fish physiology, biochemistry, endocrinology, aquaculture technologies, conservation, and food safety. It performs production systems related data analysis, farming facilities inspection, optimisation of processing technologies, hazard and risk assessment, and estimation of environmental impact of production. DD possesses fish farming facility for tank-scale experiments and laboratory equipped for general chemical/biochemical processing and analysis. In addition to a number of national RTD grants, DD was participating in EC-funded research within four EC FAIR projects in the 4th FP (where company members were working as the leaders of Hungarian national teams); in the 5th FP DD has entered 3 projects within the Quality of Life Programme, one within the GROWTH Programme, and one within the Innovation and SME Programme. The company was contributing to FAO Millennium report on aquaculture development in Western and Eastern Europe. On the request of the European Aquaculture Society DD has prepared the overview of production systems development in the Central and Eastern Europe.


Key persons

Dr. Olga Bukovskaya ,

Sergey Blokhin (project 5.2 ETHIQUAL).