Partner 54: Coopérative de transformation des Produits de la Péche (CTPP)

 CTPP is responsible for adding value to the by products produced by filleting plants and food processing plants. CTPP produces fish meal, fish hydrolysed proteins (world leader in marine hydrolysates), and fish oil. CTPP is a co-operative working with the nearby fish and marine processing industry in northern France. Know how combined with years of experience provides CTPP with a real experience in extraction processes, enzymatic reaction and such technologies as centrifugal separation, ultrafiltration, evaporation and drying. CTPP is equipped with modular and multi purpose facilities enabling a rapid transition from the laboratory to pilot projects of industrial scale production. CTPP has developed a large range of marine ingredients for cosmetics, health food, flavouring and fermentation such as mucopolysaccharides, collagen and peptids and other protein derivatives. In order to increase the added value of the by products, CTPP would like to develop more and more this range of marine ingredients and, in that aim, is interested to be involved in research investigating biological activities on marine molecules.


Key person

Charles Delannoy (project 4.1 PROPEPHEALTH).