Partner 56: University of La Rochelle, Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bioorganic Chemistry (ULR)

 ULR is a governmental research institution. Its activities are at the same time activities of teaching and research. Among the laboratories of this university, the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bioorganic Chemistry (FRE-CNRS) develops fundamental and applied studies in three fields (3 groups): peptide biochemistry, non-conventional enzymology (e.g non-aqueous medium) and bioorganic synthesis. As far as the peptide biochemistry is concerned, this laboratory has developped since several years, works related to generation (proteases activity), purification (by HPLC from complexe hydrolysates), identification (aminoacid analysis) and characterization of biological activities of peptides. Among these biological activities, tests related to blood pressure regulation (anti-Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) and anti-cancer effects (cytotoxicity, in vitro growth inhibition of breast cancer cell lines) have been optimised. Many international publications were carried out by our group on this subject. The whole university has approximately 7.000 students, 310 teachers and researchers and 290 engineers and technicians. Our laboratory counts approximately 40 people among which 20 statutory searchers (professors), 3 engineers and technicians, 17 students (10 preparing their thesis, 3 post-docts and 4 training students). Approximately 100 international publications were carried out during the last 5 years from our laboratory.