Partner 62: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

 INRA is a public research institute administered by the ministries of research, and agriculture. The primary mission of INRA is to conduct food related research which is of high scientific priority and responds to the societal needs and demands. The institute employs 8700 government agents (including 4100 researchers and engineers) with a total fiscal budget of 580M, and is organized as 17 departments at 21 separate campuses. The main research priorities of INRA include human nutrition and food safety, integrative biology, bio-informatics, societal demands, and management of rural space and the environment. Studies related to fish and fish products are conducted by collaborative research across several departments including genetics, physiology, human nutrition, food safety, and product transformation. The major topic areas addressed by this transverse group include genetics, process engineering, microbiology, nutritional value, muscle structure, and product quality.  The department of product transformation will be involved in SEAFOODplus. This department examines and models the structure of food products, and their changes during processing. The partners involved in this project have research programs related to muscle structure, proteases, and muscle proteomics.


Key person

Dr. Philippe Gatellier (Project 4.3 LIPIDTEXT).