Partner 66: Johnson Seafarms Ltd (JSF)

 JSF is a very innovative and forward thinking fish and shellfish marine farm production company, managed and run by Gordon Johnson, having been involved in the fish farming business for over twenty years. Up until this year (2003) the main species to be farmed has been Atlantic Salmon with the company producing an average of 8000 tonnes annually and employing twenty two people in the Shetland village of Vidlin. The company has recently embarked on a diversification programme and is quickly moving into growing Cod following a very successful pilot project. Trout, Haddock and Mussels are now also being grown and the company is moving into value added processing in order to gain the maximum benefits from the raw materials being cultivated.  Johnson Seafarms Ltd. is the largest independently owned and family run fish farming company in Shetland and has always been at the forefront of progress with modern equipped and well appointed facilities, maintaining a well trained and experienced workforce.


Key persons

Gordon Johnson (project 5.1 BIOQUAL).