Partner 68: Zeeland Vis BV (ZEELAND)

ZEELAND is a marine grow-out farm, situated in the southwest of the Netherlands, in the village of Yerseke. Yerseke is adjacent to the ‘Oosterschelde’ estuary and nature reserve. It is the mussel and oyster ‘capital’ of Holland. During 1999/2000 a water supply and discharge system was constructed on a new ‘wet’ industrial area. This is where FFY found it’s site. Construction of the facilities was finalised during the spring of 2001. The yearly production of 100 tons is realised in indoor recirculation systems. Design of the water treatment systems is based on the latest developed technology. The farm is fully stocked and in full production since the summer of 2002. The species cultured is turbot. Fingerlings of 10 grams are grown to an average size of 1 kg in a period of 1,5 – 2 years. Although ZEELAND is basically production oriented, also the slaughtering, processing, packing and distribution are integrated parts of it’s activities.  ZEELAND underlines that the research topics in the SEAFOODplus project are all very relevant for it’s future, and for the turbot industry in general. 


Key person

 (project 5.2 ETHIQUAL).