Partner 70: AGA Halibut AS (AGA)

The company AGA Halibut AS is situated in Dønna municipality, Helgeland, north in Norway, and is a company for integrated halibut and cod production. AGA Halibut focuses on ongrowing juveniles (5-500 g) and production of market size fish. AGA Halibut buys juveniles from alliance partners. The company has 25 persons employed and is 100% locally owned. The main office is located to Bjørn where the landbased activity is located. Halibut are stocked in the land-based tanks as 5 g juveniles and harvested as 500g fish, ready for the ongrowing phase in sea cages. The facilities consist of 40 rearing tanks of ca. 20 m2 capacity each (5 m in diameter). It has built a modern land based recirculation farm with a capacity of 110 tons of  fish. In-flowing water to the facility is UV-disinfected, and each tank will have oxygen regulation and monitoring system. All tanks are located indoors. 18 man-years are dedicated to halibut production at this farm. The sea-cages are located to the Vandve-region-west of  Dønna into the sea. It is today one of the leading companies in Norway within marine fish and intends to have an  outset of 400.000 - 500.000 halibut  and 1 mill cod pr. year.


Key person

Jonny Innvær (project 5.1 BIOQUAL).