Partner 74: Eurofish International Organisation (EUROFISH)

 EUROFISH is an independent international organisation, which became operational in 2002, succeeding the FAO executed regional project, EASTFISH. The mandate of EUROFISH is to assist the development of fisheries in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on trade and marketing, processing, and aquaculture. EUROFISH provides and distributes information through the EUROFISH Magazine, the EUROFISH website (, the Russian Fish Report, FAO GLOBEFISH publications (Market Reports, European Price Report, Fish Commodity Updates) and specialised publications (e.g. Guide to Hygiene within the Fish Industry). EUROFISH facilitates trade and market development for the Central and Eastern European countries by co-organising conferences, trade fairs, trade missions and other matchmaking activities. EUROFISH is a partner in training and project activities focusing on food safety and quality, good aquaculture practices, marketing and value addition. EUROFISH has 8 member countries (February 2004): Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Romania, and Turkey. Other countries are in the process of joining the EUROFISH Agreement. EUROFISH is part of the FISHINFOnetwork ( coordinated by FAO GLOBEFISH in Rome. EUROFISH is governed by a Governing Council consisting of representatives of Member States that meets every year.


Key persons

Victor Hjort,

Behnan Thomas (ITD activity 5).