Partner 82: EWOS Innovation

 EWOS Innovation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cermaq ASA, and is a sister company to the EWOS and Mainstream group of companies.  The four companies in the EWOS group are located in Norway, Chile, Scotland and Canada and produce feed for farmed fish species, mostly salmon and trout. The three companies in the Mainstream group (located in Chile, Scotland and Canada) produce farmed salmon and trout.  The role of EWOS Innovation is to support these operating companies with specialist technical expertise related to production of feed and fish and to conduct and commission R&D projects where further knowledge is required. The company is based in Dirdal, South-West Norway, has three R&D fish farms where it conducts many of its trials, and employs a staff of approx 70 people approx 25% of which are scientists. Research topics include the replacement of marine raw materials in feed, optimisation of feed formulations, optimisation of extruded running conditions, and investigation of methods to improve the environmental conditions for fish and maximise fish health, final product quality and fish welfare.


Key persons

Dr. Dave Robb (project 5.1 BIOQUAL).