SEAFOODplus lives on!

The Integrated Project SEAFOODplus finished as planned on time by the end of 2008 after five full years of operation. Presently the project results are being reported and the final cost claims are being forwarded. The results have been overwhelming, as was expressed both by the External Advisory Board and by the evaluators assigned by the EC. But a success like SEAFOODplus cannot stop its operation just because the planned project period comes to an end. In June 2008 it was declared that a new research platform would be established based on the good experiences obtained in the project period. Further, new members would be invited to join the collaboration. The research platform has been established and is now open for recruiting new members.

Author: Torger Børresen, DTU Aqua, Denmark


Interested in applying for membership?

The SEAFOODplus Research Platform is open for recruiting new members. Until now 20 new members have already signed up!


Have a look in the nice brochure where all conditions are explained, the Vision and the Mission for the platform are described, and you can find a full description of what the research platform can do for you.


Download the full brochure here


If you are heading a research group you may join the new SEAFOODplus research platform such that you and your group members can benefit form the membership. If you want the membership to benefit your whole department or institute, or even a whole university or research institution, the fee will naturally be higher than for just your research group. A table with membership fees is shown below.


Please note that industry is also very welcome to join at a very modest fee.


How do I apply?

Simply write an e-mail with your request to one of the members of the Management Team


Your application will be considered by the new SEAFOODplus research platform Council and you will receive a feedback from the Management Team.


Launching event in Brussels 26 March 2009

The new SEAFOODplus research platform will be officially launched


26 March 2009 10:00 - 12:00 at KoWi in Brussels


Please find the tentative agenda to the left of this text. Director Timothy Hall at the Directorate E of DG Research will open the event. After the presentations a champagne reception is held.


The launching event is open to all, but please register by sending an e-mail to jej(at)


Click the agenda text to the left to read it clearly