SEAFOODplus presentation at Norwegian Research Council

Friday 31st October the Norwegian Research Council has held an information day in Oslo about possibilities for projects within the Food Safety and other priorities of the 6th Framework Programme. Liam Breslin, Head Unit 'Food Quality' of DG XII Research of the European Commission presented the outcome of the first call and the possibilties for the second call. In his speech he paid attention to the successful application of SEAFOODplus.
Thereafter Torger Borresen, head coordinator SEAFOODplus gave his experiences of being a coordinator of an IP. He presented a 'historical' overview from the iniative of the SEAFOODplus till submission of the IP proposal as well as the revision period of the Work programme. Joop Luten attende the meeting on behalf of the RTD team of SEAFOODplus.
In the attached video a small impression of the meeting, visited by approx. 55 persons, is given.

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See also for  the report in Norwegian.

From left to right: advisor Gudrun Langthaler, EU-Office Norway, advisor Johs.


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