Success at European Seafood Exposition, Brussels

Coordinator for Dissemination, Jörg Oehlenschläger and Scientific Secretary Jette Donovan Jensen talking to a visitor at the exhibition

The company Royal Greenland, being a member of SEAFOODplus, won the prestigious Prix d'Elite for 'Best Foodservice Product' at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels 22-24 April 2008. Another company being member of SEAFOODplus, Salica, was rated finalist for the product 'Filetes de ATÚN Empanados con Salsa', and the Associate Member of SEAFOODplus, Rahbek, won the prestigious 'Retail Packaging' prize for their new product series 'Nordish'. The three companies all working with SEAFOODplus are congratulated for their excellent performance. SEAFOODplus shared a stand with Eurofish and communicated information about the project and the upcoming conference to many visitors over the three exhibition days.


 Author: Torger Børresen, DTU Aqua, Denmark




A Prix d'Elite award is considered a seafood oscar. All exhibitors may enter the competition with their products within categories such as the best retail product, the best foodservice product, the best convenience, the best retail packaging, the best nutrition and health, and the best originality.

When judging the products a jury considers the following features:

- 30 % for the taste profile, including flavour, texture, aroma and cooked appearance

- 10 % for packaging, including label information, environmental factors and food safety

- 15 % for market potential

- 15 % for the convenience value

- 10 % for the nutritional value

- 20 % for originality



The Denmark based company Royal Greenland had great success with their new product 'Salmon tournedos/medallions' for the Foodservice market. As can be seen from the pictures, the product is very innovative in the way the salmon is presented. Salmon is becoming a very common product, so the company being able to present it in new ways can be certain to obtain higher market shares.


Innovative packaging for presenting a new product series was honoured with the 'Best Retail Packaging' prize, won by the Danish company Rahbek. The clearly Nordic inspired concept had been given the untraditional, but creative name 'Nordish'. A very proud director for product development, Mr. Nicolai Hansen, is seen in the picture to the left. He told that the company had made considerable efforts to develop the concept. The company policy is to develop few, but prize winning products, thus also being succesful at last year's show in Brussels.


The Spanish company Salica, also a member of SEAFOODplus, was rated Finalist for the product series 'Breaded Tuna Fillets with Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Spinach Sauce and Carbonara Sauce'. As can be seen from the picture to the right the product is breaded with the sauce selected contained with the tuna fillet. Tuna is a very popular product, but more variation is needed on both the retail and the foodservice market. Salica has delivered a fine contribution to this.




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