The Fifth SEAFOODplus conference a great success

The fifth and final SEAFOODplus Open Conference gathered more than 210 participants in the historical Circus Building in Central Copenhagen 8-10 June 2008. The event opened Sunday afternoon 8 June with registration, marketplace and General Assembly, and during the conference days 9 and 10 June 40 presentations and more than 20 posters highlighted the results having been obtained during the lifetime of SEAFOODplus. In addition to the 20 different projects results were also presented to illustrate the integration obtained and the demonstration towards industry and innovation. The conference was concluded with a fabulous dinner show where the award for the best presentation was issued and an amazing show combining the ultimate SEAFOODplus video with live performance on stage. A professional Wallmans show concluded the evening.

Author: Torger Børresen, DTU Aqua, Denmark



In the afternoon of Sunday 8 June 2008 participants started to gather in the old Circus Building in Copenhagen, where registration was open and posters were mounted at the marketplace in the foyer. The SEAFOODplus crew at DTU Aqua did a great job arranging all practical details for the marketplace and the conference.


From left:
Mogens Schou
Ciaran Mangan

The opening of the Fifth SEAFOODplus conference started 9:00 in the hall previously being a circus arena. It was an unusual setting for the participants, but presented an excellent arena also for the scientific presentations with a great stage and even a catwalk! The speakers used all opportunities for making their presentations exciting for the audience.


For the opening sessions representatives from the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Mogens Schou, and from the European Commission, Ciaran Mangan, presented welcoming addresses. The rector of the Technical University of Denmark, Lars Pallesen, expressed his enthusiasm for having DTU Aqua coordinating SEAFOODplus and considered this as a true international cooperation. Finally the SEAFOODplus Coordinator gave a brief overview of the projects involved and welcomed all participants to this fifth and last conference in the series of conferences staged by SEAFOODplus.



Felicity Huntingford presenting, a stage discussion and stage testing of products

Over the two conference days 40 oral presentations were delivered in eight sessions. At the marketplace in the foyer posters were presented in all breaks. In addition to regular presentations a culinary show was also presented the second day of the conference. A chef prepared the prize winning dish from an earlier SEAFOODplus design contest, and an example of the new fibre containing seafood products having been developed based on SEAFOODplus research was also demonstrated and assessed on stage. Achievements obtained in all the 20 projects during the lifetime of SEAFOODplus were presented during the conference, but as time was limited only examples could be given.



The Coordinator, Torger Børresen, presenting the future of SEAFOODplus

The last afternoon at the conference several presentations were given documenting the integration having been obtained between the different projects planned from the start, and how this had developed into new projects established across the original projects and pillars.



In the last presentation the SEAFOODplus Coordinator made clear that a new science based platform would be established based on the present consortium members, but also inviting new stakeholders to become members of the platform. Further details will be given shortly on this homepage.




All presentations will be uploaded in the event section of the SEAFOODplus homepage together with pictures taken during the conference days.


The last evening the conclusion of the present SEAFOODplus period was celebrated with show and entertainment. Joop Luten had prepared an excellent slide show with great pictures catching essential moments from meetings and other SEAFOODplus events. This was shown while the guests were seated for the evening show and dinner. Then Joop and Jörg staged an hour of SEAFOODplus entertainment including videos showing SEAFOODplus television news broadcasted for the first time, and an exclusive interview with the SEAFOODplus designer Karl Fishingbelt. Via a direct video link to Brussels, an award was presented to the Coordinator, Torger Børresen, for his achievements in managing SEAFOODplus.





The award for the best presentation during the Fifth SEAFOODplus conference was delivered to Felicity Huntingford for her excellent aquaculture presentation. The SEAFOODplus Scientific Secretary, Jette Donovan Jensen, was called to the stage for receiving flowers in appreciation of her excellent job at the SEAFOODplus secretariat over the years and for organising the SEAFOODplus conferences.



After the SEAFOODplus show the live entertainment by the Wallmans started. The artists staged a lot of performances including Elvis, James Bond and many other shows. Definitely a memorable night in the Circus building.