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All abstracts and presentations now ready for download 18-08-08

If you could not attend the Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference you now have the option of reading all abstracts and presentations at this website


The Fifth SEAFOODplus conference a great success 15-07-08

During two intensive days in Copenhagen a comprehensive overview of the major results obtained within the lifetime of SEAFOODplus was presented. The Circus building constituted a perfect frame for the conference and for the fabulous show marking the conclusion of the SEAFOODplus projects.


Gene expression analysis reveals that temperament affects production and ethical quality of farmed carp 06-06-08

Differences in temperament determine how common carp responds to environmental stressors. Levels rank from the expression of specific genes, stress, and physiology to behavior. This, in its turn has a profound effect on production and ethical quality when these fish are farmed.


Sequencing the cod genome for quality traits - a success story 01-06-08

A surprisingly high number of genes with divergent patterns of variation has been found among cod populations. The variation is likely to reflect adaptive quality trait variation in this species.


Selected abstracts for the Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference available for download 25-05-08

Download two full abstracts having been selected from the Book of Abstracts provided for the participants. To obtain all other abstracts and full presentations you have to register for the conference before 30 May 2008



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