SEAFOODplus will provide a range of innovative research results that can be exploited by industrial development. It is thus necessary to establish demonstration activities to prove the viability of emerging new technologies that offer a potential economic advantage, but which cannot be commercialised directly.


The main objective of the demonstration programme is to stimulate technology transfer, particularly to SMEs, and to create new business activities based on the results from SEAFOODplus projects. This will be achieved by involving the industry actively into the project and to ensure the development of a proper demonstration plan.


A procedure involving the following steps is being performed, status shown in italics:

  1. 1. Identification of innovations from projects that may be exploited by industrial development.
    Two projects have been identified in 2005 following an internal call.
  2. 2. Establishment a sound demonstration plan.
    Demonstration plan has been worked out and is being implemented.
  3. 3. Preparing a suitable platform for technology transfer.
    A suitable platform has been established.
  4. 4. Involvement of private facilitators and public bodies in the process of encouraging technological development and assisting in raising funds for pursuing technology implementation.
    Has been achieved.
  5. 5. Launching external call for demonstration projects where industry can participate.
    The first external call was launched in May 2006.


The first external call was closed 9 June 2006 when eight industrial companies had requested participation.

For future details of external calls, please consult the ITD 3 area. Read more about the first open call in the news section.


One of the projects concerns bichemical hurdles for convenience seafood products