Expertise needed

The project will represent a true multidisciplinary task, involving research skills from disciplines such as biochemistry, microbiology, nutrition and functional genomics, as well as consumer science and expertise within the epidemiological and medical areas. As the consumption of seafood is changing, identifying the key drivers of change impacting the consumers and the food industry over the next decade will be necessary.


As is evident from the information given for the SEAFOODplus structure, the consortium having been formed contains 68 active and committed partners organised in 20 different projects. As the project develops, new expertise will be needed, and unidentified partners have already been catered for in the budget. Some of these will be selected by a procedure where the most skilled expertise can be found, and in particular SME industries will be enrolled when they have been identified as interesting partners. Open calls will be launched, where competition is expected among several potential partners being qualified for participating, but being selected after a process where applications will be evaluated and the partner being best qualified will be identified.


Please also observe the possibility for joining the project as an Associate of SEAFOODplus.



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