Dr Karen Brunsų

Dr. Karen Brunsų, is the coordinator of RTD Pillar 2, Seafood and consumer behaviour and well-being. She has a position as Associate Professor at the Aarhus School of Business and the MAPP Centre in Denmark. MAPP stands for Market-Based Process and Product Innovation in the Food Sector, and since 1990 the MAPP Centre has carried out research in order to strengthen the market orientation and international competitive position of the food sector. The MAPP Centre deals with four major economic and behavioural aspects of product innovation in the food sector. Karen Brunsų has carried out research at the MAPP Centre on consumer behaviour since its start in 1990, and is author of numerous scientific publications on consumer research and behaviour in relation to food. She has been a management team member of the CA--FQLM, FAIR PL98-4174 has been the responsible project leader for several research projects, and is presently acting centre leader of the MAPP centre.


Coordinator RTD pillar 2


MAPP, Denmark