Partner 10: MAPP, The Aarhus School of Business (ASB)

 ASB in Denmark is an autonomous university established in 1939. ASB has 5600 Bachelor or Master students and 1800 Diploma or Master students in part time executive education. The university is involved in a considerable number of international research networks and has cooperation agreements with almost 200 universities across the world. ASB offers a wide range of programmes in an international environment and hosts international conferences and seminars, summer schools, winter schools and other international projects every year. MAPP – Centre for Research on Customer Relations in the Food Sector – has since its start in 1991 established an international reputation for research on food marketing. MAPP carries out research in food development, marketing and distribution and works on making the food sector more market oriented. The Centre has been evaluated by a team of international researchers; it is considered unique in Europe with a considerable potential for supporting future research in food production. Major international food producers have shown great interest in the centre’s tools and research results, which in turn has inspired the development of the production in these companies. The centre has published widely in scientific outlets and has at the same time numerous dissemination activities aimed at practitioners in the food sector. MAPP is located at the Aarhus School of Business (ASB) and at present the Centre employs 17 full-time researchers.


Key persons

Dr. Karen Brunsø (Coordinator of RTD Pillar 2, project 2.1 CONSUMERSURVEY, project 2.3 SEA-INFOCOM).
Karina Birch Hansen (project 2.1 CONSUMERSURVEY)

Professor Joachim Scholderer (project 2.1 CONSUMERSURVEY)