Professor Torger Børresen, PhD

The overall coordination of the SEAFOODplus consortium with responsibility towards the Commission is taken care of by Torger Børresen, PhD, being the Research Director of the Department of Seafood Research at the DTU Aqua - National Institute of Aquatic Resources. He has a long-standing experience as manager of research at all levels, counting project leadership, management of project groups and a research centre, department management and top administrative management at research institute level. He has extended teaching skills at all levels, and has been responsible supervisor for a substantial number of Ph.D. students. Due to his academic skills he has been serving at research councils, advisory groups for research within the food and technology area nationally and internationally, and is still active in the academic world, serving e.g. on editorial boards for scientific journals. He has a long experience in collaborating with industry and industry associations, and has an extended network within both academia and among decision makers nationally and internationally.


Professor Torger Børresen



DTU Aqua

Department of Seafood Research

DTU Building 221

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


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Overall coordination of the SEAFOODplus consortium

DTU Aqua, Denmark