Partner 1: DTU Aqua - National Institute of Aquatic resources

 DTU Aqua is as of 1 January 2007 an institute at the  Technical University of Denmark. It carries out research and provides advice on sustainable exploitation of live marine and fresh water resources as well as on chain considerations of high quality seafood and seafood products from water to table.  DTU Aqua acts as counsellor to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, other authorities, international commissions, the fishing industry and fishery organisations.

It has 4 departments of which 2 are involved in SEAFOODplus:

  • Dept. of Seafood Research
  • Dept. of Inland Fisheries.

The Dept. of Seafood Research is responsible for investigations on fish as food and all other kinds of utilisation of resources harvested through traditional fisheries and aquaculture. This will include processing of fishmeal and –oil and a better utilisation of fractions today characterised as by-products. The department is concerned with questions related to feed for fish farming and its implications for the quality of the resulting fish products, but is not involved with the farming operations as such. Similarly, the department’s expertise concerning principles of microbial ecology is applied in studies of fish gut microflora and the possible use of probiotics to improve resistance against fish diseases. The activities are commodity oriented food research embracing the whole value chain of fish and other aquatic organisms from catch/slaughter through all steps of handling, processing and distribution until the product is being prepared for consumption. The institution has approximately 280 employees and a budget of 160 million DKK, of which 90 million DKK is basic funding and 70 million DKK is external funding.


Key persons

Prof. Torger Børresen (coordinator of SEAFOODplus),

Dr. Grethe Hyldig (project 2.2 SEAFOODSENSE),

Dr. Paw Dalgaard (project 3.4 BIOCOM),

Dr. Charlotte Jacobsen (Project 4.3 LIPIDTEXT)

Dr. Flemming Jessen (Project 4.3 LIPIDTEXT),

Dr. Einar Eg Nielsen (project 5.1 BIOQUAL),

Erling Larsen (Coordinator of RTD pillar 6, project 6.1 METHODS, 6.2 IMPLEM, 6.3 VALID)

Dr. Marco Frederiksen (project 6.1 METHODS, 6.3 VALID),

Jette Donovan Jensen (secretariat manager of SEAFOODplus).