Secretariat manager, Mrs. Jette Donovan Jensen

In addition to serving as the secretariat manager for SEAFOODplus, Jette Donovan Jensen is also the scientific secretary at the Department of Seafood Research at DTU Aqua where she has been employed since 2000. She takes care of staff issues and the budget for the department, which involves financial and administrative support of the numerous externally funded projects. She has extensive experience in managing international secretariats. She was previously at the Nordic Council of Ministers serving as secretary to two Nordic committees on fisheries and environmental issues, she has been head of the secretariat of the Nordic Fishermen’s Association, she held a position as Executive Secretary to ASCOBANS, a European cetacean conservation agreement established under the United Nations as well as working within research at the Greenland Institute for Natural Resources.


Jette Donovan Jensen

Secretariat manager


DTU Aqua

Department of Seafood Research

DTU Building 221

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone. + 45 45252575

Mobile. + 45 23688291

Fax. + 45 45884774

E-mail:  jej(at)




Secretariat manager of SEAFOODplus