Partner 2: Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (NIFA)

 NIFA (Fiskeriforskning) is a national research institute, own by the NORUT group and the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries. NIFA is located in Tromsø, northern Norway (head office) and in Bergen, western Norway. The main objectives are to conduct research and development for the fisheries and aquaculture industries, contributing to best possible utilisation of the marine resources. In addition, NIFA advice the authorities on fishery and aquaculture related issues, and communicates research knowledge to the general public. The institute owns modern research facilities in aquaculture, and are responsible for the breeding program of Atlantic cod in Norway.

NIFA conduct research in a wide range of topics along the value chain of seafood products, divided into five main areas

(1) Dept of seafood and industrial processing,

(2) Dept. of marine biotechnology and fish health,

(3) Dept. of aquaculture,

(4) Dept. of aquafeed and marine processing, and

(5) Dept. of economics and marketing.


Except for the department of marine biotechnology and fish health, all departments are involved in parts of SEAFOODplus. The institute has approximately 160 employees and a budget of 140 million NOK, of which 70 million NOK is governmental funding and 70 million NOK is external funding.


Key persons

Svein Ottar Olsen (project 2.1 CONSUMERSURVEY, 2.3 SEA-INFOCOM, 2.4 CONSUMEREVALUATE),

Dr. Joop Luten (coordinator of RTD Pillar 4),

Grete Lorentzen (project 4.2 HURDLETECH),

Anders Aksnes (project 5.1 BIOQUAL),

Dr. Børge Damsgård (coordinator of RTD Pillar 5, project 5.2 ETHIQUAL),

Linda A. Hansen (project 5.2 ETHIQUAL) 

Dr. Petter Olsen (project 6.1 METHODS, 6.2 IMPLEM).