Partner 24: Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food (FRCFN)

The department of fish quality in the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food (Bundesforschungsanstalt fur Ernahrung und Lebensmittel ( FRCFN) is a governmental research institute and is completely devoted to seafood related sciences covering the whole chain from primary production to convenience products. Its experience is mainly in the fields of iced-storage, deep frozen storage, quality and freshness aspects, freshness and spoilage indicators, authenticity of raw materials and products derived thereof, macro- and micro-constituents, undesirable compounds (organic and inorganic as well as antibiotics), utilisation of under-utilised and under-exploited species. To achieve the tasks the institute works with other institutes in WEFTA (Western European Fish Technologists’ Association) and the other institutes of BFAFi which focus on stock assessment and ecology. IFF provides assistance, advice and support not only to the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Nutrition and Agriculture but also to fish processing industry, fish inspection services, fishermen and consumer organisations. To fulfil its duties the institute is multidisciplinary with chemists, food chemists, technologists and microbiologists. The institute is well equipped with all instrumentation and personnel necessary to carry out work in the fields described above. Disciplines are: Analytical chemistry, food chemistry, microbiology, sensory assessment, physics, food technology, minimal processing. The institute has successfully participated (co-ordination and participation) in 11 research projects and 2 Concerted Actions under the 3rd, 4th and 5th framework programme of the EU. Because of its extensive experience in the measurement of inorganic essential components in seafood the institute is an essential partner in this project.


Key person

Prof. Dr. Jörg Oehlenschläger (coordinator of ITD Pillar 5, Partner in Project 4.4 CONSUMERPRODUCTS).