Partner 75: Fjord Seafood ASA (FS ASA)

 Fjord Seafood is ranked among the principal players in the world aquaculture industry - providing more than 10 per cent of the world’s production of Atlantic salmon. Fjord Seafood has developed world-leading expertise in all aspects of the salmon production value chain. High-quality salmon depends on numerous factors and Fjord Seafood controls each of these factors – the production of ova, smolt, on-growing, and slaughtering. In addition, the company runs a limited operation of Coho and trout in Chile. Through joint ownership of Fjord Marin AS, Fjord Seafood is developing its production of other select marine species including cod, halibut and wolfish. Fjord Seafood’s objective is to establish itself as the leading international supplier of farmed seafood. It has chosen to focus its efforts on the traceability of its product, deeming this to be the most important documentation for assuring the quality and safety of its seafood.


Key person

Dr. Petter Arnesen (project 6.2 IMPLEM)