Partner 76: Trace Tracker Innovation AS (TTI)

 TTI is a private company developing chain traceability software for use in any kind of value chain (i.e. not only within food value chains) where traceability of items along the chain is an issue. Our software is genuine in the sense that it is generic and very easily adaptable to any possible food chain. It utilizes the most modern and state-of-the art software design principles, making it easy to integrate the software with other corporate information systems (which is necessary to get the traceability data into the system). The user-interfaces used for tracing and tracking are web based, and very easy to use, but goes far beyond standard web interfaces due to the use of the graphical standard called SVG. The software has been developed together with key players in the food industry in Norway, both R&D institutions and end-users in target customer companies have been involved. The company employes for the moment 5 technical persons and 3 administrative.  The company employs for the moment 10 persons and has a strong growth.


Key person

Ole-Henning Fredriksen (project 6.2 IMPLEM).