RTD Pillar 5 Seafood from aquaculture

Aquaculture will become increasingly important as a source for high quality healthy seafood, produced with low ethical and environmental impact. A further fulfilment of a consumer friendly aquaculture will require scientific focus both on product possibilities and potential impacts of intensive rearing.


The main objectives of the first project are to establish the physiological and genetic basis of important quality characteristics of farmed fish, and to exploit this knowledge to improve seafood quality. Thus establishing the knowledge-based production, including also dietary modulation of tailor-made seafood with superior quality characteristics.


In the second project the main objective is to examine how husbandry practice and aquaculture systems can provide a biological framework for ensuring quality characteristics of European farmed fish, by linking the consumer demands of sustainable, environmentally friendly aquaculture with a biological basis of ethical quality.


Seafood from aquaculture

Project 5.1 BIOQUAL
Physiology and genetics of seafood quality traits
Project 5.2 ETHIQUAL
Ethical quality traits in farmed fish: The role of husbandry practices and aquaculture production systems