SEAFOODplus in Firenze

Firenze, 09-05-06 to 13-05-06

General information

The international AQUA 2006 Conference, which contained the combined Annual Meeting of the European Aquaculture Society and the Annual Meeting of the World Aquaculture Society, were held in Fortezza de Basso conference centre in Firenze (Florence), Italy. An aquaculture trade fair was arranged jointly with the conference.

SEAFOODplus was granted arrangement of a full session in the morning at one of the conference days. Each conference day up to 11 sessions were run in parallel.

Apart from delivering exciting new results at the special SEAFOODplus session, several representatives of SEAFOODplus made excellent presentations at other session during this huge conference.

SEAFOODplus Session: Seafood from farm to fork

Other SEAFOODplus presentations

Wrap-up and closing session

From opening session