Seminar on upgrading of seafood by-products

Reykjavik, Iceland 06-05-05


The French Embassy in Iceland, the Icelandic Research Council, University of Iceland, the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories and SEAFOODplus invites for an open seminar 6 May 2005 in Reykjavik.

The topics of the open seminar are:

- Upgrading of seafood by-products

- Proteins and bioactive peptides for novel food products


The seminar will be held in Reykjavik Friday 6 May 2005 at the Grand Hotel as collaboration between SEAFOODplus, the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories, University of Iceland, and the French Embassy in Iceland. 

The seminar is intended for the seafood industry, innovative SMEs, scientist and others with an interest in human nutrition, up-grading of by-products and development of functional foods. Among the speakers are: Joop Luten Pillar Coordinator of SEAFOODplus RTD Pillar 4,  Fabienne Guerard, Laurent Picot, Patrick Bourseau, Ragnar Johannsson and Gudjon Thorkelsson from PROPEPHEALTH and Inga Thorsdottir from the YOUNG project.

The French Embassy in Iceland is involved in the seminar because of a science exchange program with Iceland called ŽJules VerneŽ.


The seminar is held in connection with a project meeting in PROPEPHEALTH.