VALIDATION Blocks of activity

Block 1. Validated traceability systems. Responsible partner: 1. DIFRES, industrial partners (month 18-48).

The work to be done in this block is to develop and test management models and to use multivariate data analysis on the data sets obtained from the industrial partners data generators. The end result is a validated traceability systems regarding handling the data in the different links in the chain.

Block 2. Validated traceability data. Responsible partner: 7.AZTI, other partners: 3.IFREMER, 6.SINTEF and industrial partner (months 6-54)

This block will deal with the compilation and selection of adequate tools for verifying authenticity and quality data (month 6-18). The work will continue with the testing and implementation in selected chains of reliable authenticity and quality methods to develop validated and adapted traceability systems (month 18-48). In the last part of the block, dissemination and demonstration will be carried out in cooperation with the ITD area (month 42-54).