Major achievements in VALIDATION

Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence: VALIDATION

Major achievements in 2005

Reports on the methodologies available to authenticate species (fish species, origin geographic and wild vs cultivated fish) and to assess quality (nutritional composition, chemical and microbiological parameters) have been elaborated in order to discuss their adequacy for each link through the different fish chains in Europe. These reports will be a very useful tool as a guide for validation of the most important data in the fish chains.


Concerning the design of a validation system to check fish identification methodologies (innovative ones based on DNA analysis), a fish DNA database has been built up with the purpose to be used as validation tool to authenticate the origin of seafood products by direct sequencing of genetic markers. The validation system will be complete with a pool of plasmidic standards of the most interesting fish species as reference material: the key point in order to assure a correct validation system of the methodologies for fish identification.


As the RTD 6 area is a horizontal activity crossing all other RTD areas there is communication both to project and pillar leaders in these fields, and the RTD 6 area thereby contributes to integrate the research within the Integrated Project SEAFOODplus. Appointments have been made to liaise with the research in other RTD areas, and initiatives have been taken to apply for supplementary funding to expand the activities.


Due to the participating researcher’s expertise in the traceability area, cooperation has been established widely with other food sectors, ensuring that SEAFOODplus has a leading position in the development of traceability in the food sector.

Coordinator ITD pillar 3,

projectleader VALIDATION 

dr. Begoña Pérez-Villarreal

AZTI, Spain