Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference

Copenhagen 08-06-08 to 10-06-08


Session 6 Seafood traceability


Erling Larsen, DK, coordinator of SEAFOODplus RTD area 6


Allan Bremner, AUS, member of SEAFOODplus External Advisory Board


In this session the latest development in the projects in the horizontal RTD activity on traceability were reported. The three projects are METHODS, IMPLEM  and VALID, indicating the contents as concerning methodology, implementation and validation respectively. Within the first of these projects a new manual for Good Traceability Practice, to be used by the industry, was presented. In the second project, IMPLEM, extensive tests have been performed for implementing the use of RFID tags for carrying relevant traceability information. In the last of the three projects, VALID, a database on DNA sequences has been established for 53 fish species.



The basis for data sharing in traceability - Good Traceability Practice


Erling Larsen, DTU Aqua, Denmark






The gateway for future data collection in traceability - RIFD tags and temperature measuring solutions


Eigil Foraas (presentation prepared by Jostein Storøy), SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Norway










Validation tools for traceability - Ensuring quality and safety and preventing fraud in the seafood chain


Begoña Pérez-Villarreal, AZTI-Tecnalia, Spain