The First SEAFOODplus Conference

Copenhagen, 04-10-2004 to 06-10-2004

First General Assembly of SEAFOODplus 6 October 2004

According to the Consortium Agreement of SEAFOODplus a General Assembly is to be held annually. The first General Assembly was held 6 October 2004 in connection with the SEAFOODplus Conference in Copenhagen.  The participants were representatives from each of the 70 partners, the SEAFOODplus Council members, the SEAFOODplus Coordinator and the secretariat.


The General Assembly was informed about the progress of the project since the launching of SEAFOODplus on 1/1 2004. In addition to the initiation of research and new collaborations through arrangements of kick off meetings for the 6 RTD areas and 20 projects, the first months included the contractual paperwork and implementation of the management structure of the RTD and ITD areas.


Dissemination is important, so an overview was presented to the General Assembly, including e.g. the launching Conference for the press on 22 January 2004 in Brussels, presentation at the press event arranged by the European Commission 11-12 May 2004, and presentations at various conferences and exhibitions in Europe.

In order to organise and structure the work within SEAFOODplus various guidelines have been prepared specifically for the project, including, reporting, financial matters, dissemination, and activities within the ITD area. 



Finally, an External Advisory Board had also been established during the first year. The Board had their first meeting in conjunction with the SEAFOODplus Conference.  

Members of the General Assembly acknowledged the efforts having being performed so far in SEAFOODplus and congratulated the Council with their magnificent work.

As the interest for joining SEAFOODplus has been overwhelming, it has been necessary to establish a system for establishing contacts to the project. It was explained to the General Assembly how this had been achieved through the Associates of SEAFOODplus.


As a tribute to the successful start of the project, a champagne reception was held immediately following the first General Assembly was concluded.