ITD 4 Creation of new business activities

The objective of this activity is

- to identify innovative research results within the SEAFOODplus consortium, and to use these to stimulate the creation of new and pioneering business activities.


During the first 18 months period a special task force will be established for setting up an early alert programme within SEAFOODplus, acting as internal scouts for identifying exciting new developments. A policy for protection of rights within the consortium will have to be given special attention, and a close collaboration with ITD 6 handling Intellectual Properties Rights and Consortium Agreement will be needed.


In order to absorb new ideas and to develop them further, a guiding program will be developed in collaboration with professional agencies nationally and at European level. Through such agencies the possibilities for mobilising risk capital through venture funds and other sources will be exploited. Some of the activities may lead to establishment of completely new companies, but it is also foreseen that inventions and new development may be absorbed by existing industries, where innovative SMEs constitute a very interesting target group. The activities will be performed in close cooperation with the demonstration and SME involvement handled by ITD 3.