ITD 6 Intellectual Property Protection

The objective of this activity is

- to set up an effective framework to identify, manage, protect and exploit Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) within SEAFOODplus in order to minimise infringement risks.


The further objective is

- to prepare and maintain a Consortium Agreement containing all essential elements for a sound project management and settle all necessary agreements between the project partners.


During the first 18 months period a detailed IPR plan will be established, and an IPR management team will handle all necessary contacts between partners when matters arise concerning IPR in the consortium, or between partners and external contacts if necessary. Negotiations for maintenance and possible updating of the Consortium Agreement will be taken up when needed. The drafting of policies and procedures for other activities, particularly within the ITD area, will be aided by the ITD 6 activity.


Coordinator ITD pillar 6


CSIC, Spain