ITD 5 Dissemination

The objective of this activity is

- to provide an ambitious plan for disseminating knowledge beyond the consortium, and throughout the project period to develop adequate material for target groups within the industry and the academic world.


During the first 18 months period the work will be concentrated on setting up and implementing the dissemination plan. Regular academic dissemination by publication in scientific journals will be performed on normal basis by all researchers involved, whereas emphasis will be on extracting and highlighting interesting results for special dissemination purposes to target groups in the industry and for the public at large.


Special collaboration will be set up with professional disseminators from e.g. publishing houses and organisations. Modern dissemination by electronic media will be fully exploited. Among the more traditional dissemination methods, newsletters, thematic workshops and conferences will be applied. Input for setting up the specific dissemination activities will be received from the other ITD activities, and material and arrangements will be prepared in collaboration with those.