Training programme

Considering the large amounts of research results coming out of SEAFOODplus programme, a training program will be established making it possible to provide advanced training of researchers and other key staff, research managers, industrial executives and potential users. There will be a special emphasis on providing training targeted for industry representatives from the SME sector.

The overall objectives of the training programme are:

  • To enable researchers to advance in their scientific understanding and to provide a solid scientific expertise to academic and technical staff from universities, research institutes and institutions involved in research seafood activities
  • To promote the transfer of knowledge and technology to the seafood industry (producers, processors and retailers) through the establishment of a regular dialogue and thematic training sessions
  • To provide good conditions for exchange and mobility of researchers, technicians and industry staff in order to allow them to acquire complementary knowledge, to set up new contacts with other researchers and other institutions, including industry.

A network covering target industries, universities and research institutes will be established to give an overview of the expertise available, and to set up communication channels for exchange of experience, providing teachers and staff for technical training, etc. When the programme is started, it is estimated that thematic courses, seminars, lectures, workshops and practical training sessions will be arranged regularly. In addition the preparation of training manuals, videos and other material will be performed in collaboration with the dissemination and demonstration teams of SEAFOODplus. As is described under the dissemination activities, the possibilities for utilising new tools like e-learning will be explored.