Major achievements in SEA-INFOCOM

SEAFOOD Information and Communication: Assessment of consumerís needs for seafood information and development of effective seafood communication

Major achievements in 2004

The initial work has focused on development of a theoretical platform based on existing information-processing models from consumer behaviour, social psychology, communication and marketing theories. Specific measurement scales and methods have been developed and applied in line with the theoretical platform in order to meet the specific objectives with respect to seafood information and communication on health, safety and ethical aspects. Methods include data collection and analysis methods. Measurement scales pertain to relevant constructs relating to information-processing (e.g. attention, understanding, and acceptance) and its influencing factors (e.g. motivation, opportunity and ability to process information, next to socio-demographic, attitudinal and behavioural variables).

Next task is data analysis including descriptive and conclusive procedures. Findings will be structured so as to form a starting point for the development of a consumer-oriented seafood traceability system.

Projectleader SEA-INFOCOM

Prof. Wim Verbeke

UGent, Belgium