Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference

Copenhagen 08-06-08 to 10-06-08


Session 1 Seafood and nutrition


Gertjan Schaafsma, NL, coordinator SEAFOODplus RTD area 1


Cindy Davis, USA, member of SEAFOODplus External Advisory Board


The session contained three presentations, one of which were given by Liz Lund (IFR, UK) on fish consumption modifying risk of colorectal disease in humans. Results were presented from an intervention study (FISHGASTRO) started shortly after the launching of  SEAFOODplus and codes broken in the spring of 2008. The outcome of a four year study was thus presented for the first time. Results from the projects YOUNG, studying the health of young European families, and METAHEART, studying n-3 fatty acids and heart disease, were also presented.




Does fish consumption modify risk of colorectal disease in humans?


Elizabeth Lund, Institute of Food Research, United Kingdom







How can seafood promote health and prevent diseases in young European families?


Inga Thorsdottir, Landspitali-University Hospital & University of Iceland, Iceland







Benefits of fish oil for the heart - are they explained by reduction of arrhythmia?


Ingeborg Brouwer, Institute of Health Sciences, The Netherlands










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Cindy Davis moderating session discussion