Project 1.2 YOUNG

Health of young European families and fish consumption


22.Landspiali-Univeristy Hospital & University of Iceland (LSH&HI), Iceland; 17. National Research Institute on Agriculture and Fisheries (IPIMAR), Portugal; 35. University of Navarra (UNAV), Spain; 15. University College Cork (UCC), Ireland; 50. Statens Serum Institut (SSI), Denmark.


The overall objective of the project is:

To increase knowledge about the nutritional effects of fish constituents to promote health and prevent diseases in young European families.


The research within the project is described in five major blocks of activities


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On the way to better, healthier seafood products



Major research achievements

The major research achievements are described in the following subpages for each project year:


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Projectleader YOUNG
Prof. Inga Thorsdottir, PhD
LSH & HI, IS (22)