Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference

Copenhagen 08-06-08 to 10-06-08


Session 5 Seafood from aquaculture


Børge Damsgård, NO, coordinator SEAFOODplus RTD area 5


Ole Torrissen, NO, member of SEAFOODplus External Advisory Board


In this session major results from the two projects within this RTD area were presented, and a contribution from an industry representative was given. Within BIOQUAL the physiological and genetic basis of important quality characteristics of farmed fish has been studied. Some of the studies have concerned cod, and genetic differentiation strongly suggests that cod populations are adapted to local environmental conditions. Among results from the ETHIQUAL project can be mentioned observations on feeding behaviour as a major indicator of adaptation potential and welfare. New tests have been exteneded to different strains of sea bass.



Sequencing the fish genome for quality – the new success story of cod


Einar Eg Nielsen, DTU Aqua, Denmark









Improving the ethical quality traits of farmed fish - Identifying optimal husbandry and pre-slaughter conditions


Hilde Toften, Nofima Marine, Norway










Linking consumer demands of environmentally friendly farming with a biological basis of ethical quality


Felicity Huntingford, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


Felicity received the award for the best presentation during the Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference. Look up the news item 'The Fifth SEAFOODplus conference a great success' for further details and watch Felicity receiving the award. 






The future of fish farming as seen by a SEAFOODplus partner in the feed industry


Niels Alsted, Biomar A/S, Denmark









Ole Torrissen moderating the session discussion