National Contact Point - Portugal

Maria Leonor Nunes, IPIMAR, is the contact person in Portugal.

She is the coordinator of ITD Pillar 2 in SEAFOODplus. She has a position as Head of Department of Technological Innovation and Upgrading of Fish Products, National Research Institute on Agriculture and Fisheries (IPIMAR), and Professor of Quality of Seafood Products at the University of Algarve of Portugal. She has participated in more than 15 EU projects concerned with fish products preservation, processing, and quality and safety. She has a solid experience in the application of new technologies for seafood preservation and processing, in the assessment of seafood quality/safety and its characterisation in terms of biochemical and nutritional composition. She and her team have published a substantial number of papers over the last two years. She has been the national coordinator of 4 CRAFT projects and since 2000 has been responsible for the links between research and fish industry in Portugal.



Associations in Portugal

For a list of names and contact addresses please download this Document


ANCIPA-Associação Nacional de Comerciantes e Industriais de Produtos Alimentares


Federação das Indústrias Portuguesas Agro-alimentares - FIPA


ACOPE – Associação dos Comerciantes de Pescado


Associação Nacional dos Industriais de Conservas de Peixe


Associação dos Industriais de Bacalhau


ALIF - Associação da Indústria Alimentar pelo Frio