National Contact Point - France

Lucay Han-Ching, IFREMER, is the contact person in France.

He is the coordinator of the ITD Pillar 1 in SEAFOODplus. He is acting as deputy-director of Living Resources in IFREMER, France. The research at the department includes activities in the field of fisheries, aquaculture, fish processing and socio-economics. He has been the head of fish processing department for ten years. He has considerable experience in management of research and industrial projects. He initiated and coordinated the collaboration with the fish industry association CITPPM, which is still running. He is also acting as expert in the evaluation commission ‘Food additives, aroma and processing aids’ at the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA), and is member of the French National Food Council (CNA) which advices the government on food policy including the scientific, socio-economic, ethical and political dimension.