National Contact Point - Sweden

Ingrid Undeland, Chalmers University of Technology, is the contact person in Sweden.

She is a key person in project 4.3 LIPIDTEXT in SEAFOODplus, and has been involved in research on lipid oxidation in fish muscle for about 10 years. She has also undertaken studies of fish protein isolation and protein functionality during two years at the University of Massachusetts Marine Station, USA. She is currently setting up research aiming at the identification and stabilisation of marine bioactive compounds at Chalmers University of Technology. She has experience from both EU projects (AIR3CT94 2283) and Nordic projects. 



SEAFOODplus partners in Sweden

Associations in Sweden



 Fiskbranschens Riksförbund (FR)

Adress: Box 24

SE-451 15 Uddevalla

Telefon: 0522-393 69 Telefax: 0522-100 31


Contact person Yngve Björkman


Fiskbranchens riksförbund comprises about 80% of the Swedish seafood companies, all the large ones are members.

List over member companies in Fiskbranschens riksförbund


 Sveriges Fiskares Riksförbund (SFR) and the Magazine ”Yrkesfiskarna”

Fiskets Hus

Fiskhamnsgatan 33

414 58 Göteborg

Tel: 031-12 45 90

Fax: 031 - 24 86 35


Förbundsordförande SFR: Henrik Svenberg
Tel. 031-12 45 90
Mobil: 0702 - 48 33 20

e-mail:  henrik.svenberg(at)


Co-editor Yrkesfiskarna: Eva-Britt Larsson

e-mail:  eva-britt.larsson(at)

Phone: 031-12 45 93


Sveriges Fiskares Riksförbund (SFR) is the joint organization for the Swedish fisheries sector. Some of the fisheries companies that are members of SFR however also conduct small scale upgrading of fish. A very good channel for spreading information is their magazine “Yrkesfiskarna”, which comes out with an issue every 2nd week.




 Svensk Fisk


SE-414 58 Göteborg

Telefon: 031-85 00 54

Telefax: 031-85 00 64


Karin Fagerståhl, VD

Marknad & Reklam

E-post:  karin.fagerstahl(at)


Svensk Fisk is the main association in Sweden that is trying to channel information about seafood to consumers. They have become a very central link between seafood industry, chefs, wholesalers, regulatory units like the Swedish Board of Fisheries and consumers. The main aim is to stimulate consumers to eat fish by trying to make it fun, simple and interesting. They have worked hard to remove the belief among consumers that fish is difficult to cook. They are also very efficient in spreading information and news about seafood to the various actors of the seafood chain.

Every year in the fall they organize a big seafood week and award ceremony with international price winners. Chalmers University has been active in this week almost every year, and it is a very positive event.




 Fiskeriverket - The Swedish Board of Fisheries

- and their web-based magazine  “Sött & salt”

Box 423
Besöksadress: Ekelundsgatan 1
Växel: 031-743 03 00
Fax: 031-743 04 44
Organisationsnummer: 202100-1843


Editor web-magazine  Sött & salt:

Kasper Holgers
Box 423, 401 26 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-743 04 18

e-mail:  kasper.holgers(at)


The Swedish board of fisheries has a web-based newsletter “Sött & salt” that is meant to spread information about seafood to the broad public.

Also, on the home page of the Swedish Board of fisheries there is a whole menu with “useful links”.


 The Magazine 'Livsmedel i Fokus'

Co-editor: Carina Malm
Mobil: 070-743 56 56
Tele: 08-714 50 46
Fax: 08-640 80 45



Livsmedel i Fokus is the main magazine red by the Swedish Food industry. Thus, information here is spread to all different categories of food industries.