National Contact Point - United Kingdom

Richard Watson, Seafish Industry Authority, is the contact person for the UK.

He developed and currently manages the Seafood Information Network. He has 18 years experience, addressing commercial issues through managing applied research projects and producing industry focused guidance. Part of the Seafish team providing the interface between the latest technology and the UK seafood industry.

His experience lies in a wide range of  quality, safety and efficiency issues associated with the post capture of seafood. Including shelf life extension, quality assessment and waste minimisation. He participates in several UK and international working groups including WEFTA.



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From sea to plate, Seafish delivers expert knowledge; skills and support which help the UK seafood industry secure a sustainable and profitable future.


The  Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) works across all sectors of the UK seafood industry to promote good quality, sustainable seafood.  Our research and projects are aimed at raising standards, improving efficiency and ensuring that our industry develops in a viable way. We are the UK’s only cross-industry seafood body working with fishermen, processors, wholesalers, seafood farmers, fish friers, caterers, retailers and the import/export trade.

Classed as a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB), we are sponsored by the four UK government fisheries departments and funded by a levy on seafood.  Formally known as the White Fish Authority (WFA) established in the 1950’s, we changed our name to Seafish in 1981.

Seafish is split into two distinct directorates - Business development and Research. Each of these directorates is split into work programmes that deliver services according to the needs of the seafood industry. The majority of the Research directorate is based in Hull and is headed up by Paul Williams. This directorate provides in-depth data and research to the industry, and covers everything from economic surveys to information on sub-sea hazards.

Business development is headed up by Jon Harman and is principally based in Edinburgh. This directorate is concerned with promoting a responsible industry, account management and providing up-to-date market information.

Across all the work programmes, our regional delivery and interface teams will work with industry to provide a channel for communication and feedback between Seafish and industry on technical, economic and market-related issues.

Visit the Seafood Information Network (Coming April 07) the central knowledge resource for  applied seafood information. Including, technical and business information, products and services, recruitment and collaborative projects

Visit our  business-to-business site for technical and business information and services, project funding and to find out more about our projects.

To find out more about Seafish view our main website or to contact us  click here.



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